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Huawei launch Freebuds 3i in SA: pricing, availability

(Image credit: HUAWEI)

Huawei have released their version of earpods to rival Apple Airpods and Samsung Galaxy Beans. The Freebuds 3i are now available in South Africa. 

Expected to be a competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Buds, their earpods are designed similar to the Airpods. 

With all the features expected of true wireless headphones, Huawei have entered this competitive market at just the right moment. 


The Freebuds 3i are being sold on their ultimate noise cancellation ability. Huawei have worked towards this goal through both their ergonomic and technical design of the earpods. 

The cone-shape means they fit perfectly into your ear, has outward facing mics that detect ambient noise and counter with anti-noise. The inward facing mics pick up other noises and lowers background noise by up to 32dB. 

They are ready to pair with Huawei phones the moment you open the case and even have the classic tap feature to control how and what you're listening to. 

The battery life is also pretty impressive with 3.5 hours of listening off of a single charge. 


The Freebuds 3i are reasonably priced at R1,999 and are available through the Huawei Online store. 

This mid-tier price is really what places them on par with Samsung, which has priced their Beans similarly.

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