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Huawei introduces Themes to customise your phone's screen

(Image credit: Huawei)

Huawei is introducing a new way to customise your smartphone with Huawei Themes. In a sort of throwback to the days of wallpapers you bought for your Nokia, Huawei is trying to broaden your phones aesthetic horizon. 

While many customise their mobile screens with personalised pictures, Huawei is now making it possible to turn your screen into a mobile canvas. The 300,000 new free wallpapers offer a wide variety including moving backgrounds, instruments and user's favourite brands. 

In addition, there are also paid-for themes which will cost you but you can test drive them for five minutes before committing to the purchase. These Themes range from R4.99 to R79.99. Huawei is also offering various deals almost constantly, including  Weekend Specials, Crazy Wednesdays and Spontaneous 95% Off Days.

How to get Huawei Themes 

If you're wanting to add themes, you have to make sure your phone is updated with the latest EMUI. The Huawei Themes with EMUI 10 offers an Always-On Display option which gives you more control over your phone's lock screen. You can choose to show time, date, battery status, notifications and more while the screen is off or adapt it for different times of the day.

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