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How to opt-out of direct marketing messages forever

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The Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) has set up a new Do Not Contact database to help South Africans avoid being spammed. 

Often you don't even remember opting-in for these direct marketing SMS's but are still inundated with them. To help avoid having customers frustrated by their members direct marketing messages, WASPA have created this Do Not Disturb database.

“[It] represents a virtual ‘Do Not Disturb’ service that can prevent unwanted direct marketing intrusions by SMS,” WASPA explained.

It is simple to use, with clients only having to provide their cellphone numbers with no other personal information needed.

This isn’t a solution for all SMS mobile services but only for direct marketing, this means you will still get messaged from subscription or notification services like the government COVID-19 morning messages.

This also doesn’t cover any company who is not a WASPA member.

How to register

If you are being spammed by a direct marketer you no longer want to hear from, you can input their number via the specially created website. 

Once there, simply put in your number to see if it is added to the list and then if it isn't you will receive a link by SMS, from which you can add your number.

If you would prefer you can also do it via USSD by dialling *120*69269# or by sending “BLOCK” to 40662.

Leila Stein

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