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Home Office Help: Using Sonos to Get motivated, stay focused and be productive

(Image credit: Sonos)

They aren’t just for playing hard. Your Sonos speakers can also help you work hard. From flow-inducing soundtracks to inspiriting podcasts, here’s how to get to work when you’re at home with Sonos.

If you’ve set up your home as a place to relax, entertain yourself, and enjoy time with loved ones, plunking an office down in the middle of it is bound to create some challenges. For every advantage (getting that pile of laundry folded), there are three more disadvantages to grapple with (dogs barking, playtime noise from the kids, or the temptation of that new game you just bought). While your Sonos system can’t solve all distractions, it can help inspire you to get going in the morning, stay on task, and be productive throughout the day. Here’s how.

There are a lot of things to consider when you start setting up a new at-home workspace—from equipment and ergonomics to connectivity and logistics. Here’s how to integrate your system into that setup, allowing you to reap the benefits of working with Sonos. 

Control Sonos directly from your desktop

If you do most of your work on a computer, you might find it easier to control your Sonos system from your desktop. You can download desktop controllers for both Macs and PCs. Browse and search content, control the volume, group rooms, and pause the music when your boss calls.

For content you can’t control with the Sonos desktop app (like YouTube videos and sounds from websites), there’s Apple AirPlay 2. Just make sure that you’ve clicked “Show volume in menu bar” from the Sound menu in System Preferences. Then, click the volume icon in the upper right-hand corner of the toolbar and choose a speaker from the list of Output devices. Pair two Sonos Ones, Play:5s (Gen 2), or Moves to listen in stereo sound.

With or without a Mac, you can use line-in to connect your computer directly to Play:5 with the built-in 3.5mm jack, or Port or Amp with RCA in.

Finally, consider naming your work speakers as such. That way, your family won’t accidentally group you into the impromptu dance party that just started downstairs. To rename a speaker, go to Settings and then System. Choose the speaker you want to rename, then tap Name and type in a new name.

So as you can see working from home with your Sonos system can not only be easy, but can make your environment fun.