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Hogwarts Legacy is the Harry Potter PS5 game casting spells on next-gen

(Image credit: Sony)

Yer a wizard, PS5 fans – or at least you soon will be. At the PlayStation 5 event, Sony showcased Hogwarts Legacy, a new adventure title set in Harry Potter’s wizarding world.

Long-rumored and developed by Avalanche Software (the team behind the Disney Infinity games, NOT the Avalanche Studios behind the Mad Max and Just Cause games), it’s set in the 1800s, and seemingly gives you a living breathing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to play in.

From trolls to magical creatures, the Great Hall to dragons and your robe-swishing classmates, it seems to touch on all the key Harry Potter pillars. And, by placing it significantly into the past, it can exist without rubbing up against the established Potter storylines, letting it do whatever it wants in that potential-filled world. 

However, that does also mean that, without some time-turning magic, you’re unlikely to encounter fan favorite characters like Hagrid or Dumbledore.

In terms of gameplay, there seems to be hints of RPG and action adventure in there – large open world spaces like Hogwarts can be explored, as well as cavernous underground areas with large monstrous enemies. You can seemingly create your own wizard avatar, too, letting you fulfil your personal Hogwarts dream.

No release date was announced along with the trailer, nor other platforms (this being a trailer from a PlayStation event, that’s to be expected). Though we’d be surprised if a massive franchise like this doesn’t make its way to Xbox Series X, too.

For now, you can watch the trailer below: