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Historic Xbox Series launch in SA

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(Image credit: Microsoft)

The biggest launch of an Xbox console in South Africa has happened. The latest generation is the third to launch in the country and it was the biggest yet. 

Across the country, nearly all of the Series X stock has sold out, according to distributor Prima Interactive. This is the first time the company has been involved in a worldwide launch date. 

"We were really pleased that we managed to get most of the stock to stores in time, and being able to deliver the biggest launch ever," said Ian Hepplewhite from Prima Interactive.

"Seeing all the fans posting their purchases and comments on the forums as they unbox and start to play the most powerful console in the world was rewarding. We ended the day lighting the Johannesburg skyline green to celebrate the launch.”

Good news for those who missed out

Another shipment of consoles will arrive in South Africa ahead of Christmas time. For those who missed the bell or who were unable to preorder their console still have a chance to do so before the year is over.

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