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Here is the ranking of the best ISPs in South Africa

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MyBroadband has released it list of best ISP's for Q4 2020. 

The report took customer satisfaction ratings from broadband users across the country between October 1 and December 31 2020. These customers performed speed tests and then asked to rate the overall performance. 

South Africa's ISPs are improving almost every quarter but that doesn't mean there aren't still a few lagging behind. 

MyBroadband's customer satisfaction score is rated out of 10 for each ISP. 

The results were not surprising with Cool Ideas keeping the top spot with an average score of 8.09.

MTN came in second at 7.93 and Afrihost third with an average score of 7.85. 

Rain continues to lag behind with a rating of 5.42 and a solid last place among the big ISPs. 

Find the full list of major ISP ratings here: 

  • Cool Ideas - 8.09
  • MTN - 7.93
  • Afrihost - 7.85
  • RSAWEB - 7.28
  • Vox - 7.22
  • Supersonic - 7.16
  • Webafrica - 7.08
  • Vodacom - 6.80
  • Axxess - 6.28
  • MWEB - 6.10
  • HeroTel - 6.08
  • Cell C - 5.56
  • Telkom - 5.50
  • Rain - 5.42
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