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Google Maps finally has a dark mode

Dark mode in Google Maps
(Image credit: BrokenFuckenArm)

It seems like forever since Google first gave us a glimpse of a dark theme for Google Maps. While so many of Google apps and services have been given a dark makeover, it has been over a year since the company started testing the option.

Now, at long last, it appears that Google Maps' dark theme is starting to roll out – for some people at least. Here's what you need to know.

Over on Reddit, some people who are running version 10.51.1 of the Google Maps app have shared screenshots of the dark theme in action. While Google Maps already has a Night mode colour scheme option, the new dark theme option goes further.

Compared to Night mode, the dark theme is much more refined, and it is clear that Google has spent time and effort getting things just right. Colour are rather less garish, and you should find that the dark theme is even kinder on the eye.

Embrace the dark side

As you would hope, and expect, you can switch between light and dark mode on a manual basis, or just have Google Maps mirror the system-wide colour scheme settings you have in place.

At the moment, the option to ramp up the darkness is not available to everyone. While it makes sense to ensure that you have the very latest version of the app install, it appears that the arrival of the dark theme is a server side change – which means you will get it when Google thinks the time is right for you!

Via Droid Life