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Google makes it even easier to delete unwanted URL suggestions in Chrome

Google Chrome
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Google is making it easier to cover your tracks in Chrome by preventing certain URLs appearing automatically in the browser's address bar.

When using a web browser people have numerous privacy concerns, many of which relate to the amount of data collected and stored about online activity. As part of a drive to give users more control over privacy, Google has been adding various tools and features to Chrome.

One of these new options is a new way to keep some of your search and browsing history secret from other people who may have access to your computer.

You've probably noticed that when you type in Chrome's address bar – or Omnibox as Google likes to call it – you'll see a series of suggestions in a list that pops up. This list of suggestions is populated with links to sites you have visited and searches you have performed, and the thinking is that it gives you a quick way to revisit sites or repeat searches.

But the feature also gives away a lot about how you have been using your computer, and it is visible to anyone else who uses your computer, or who happens to be looking at your screen. While it is possible to wipe our your entire browsing and search history to keep your activity secret, this is a little extreme and also results in helpful links being removed.

Keep it private

It has long been possible – although not known by everyone – to use the arrow keys to highlight a suggestion and then press [Shift]+[Delete] to remove it. Now Google has made things even easier, and rather more obvious.

Now you can use your mouse to remove unwanted suggestions from the list. Just hover the mouse cursor over an entry you would like to remove and click the little x button that appears to the right. It's as simple as that! Of course, you can still use the old keyboard shortcut if you like, but many people will find using their mouse a whole lot easier.

Via Techdows