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Google makes it easier to share links to text on a web page

Google Chrome
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It's easy to send URLs to people when you want to share a website with them, but this isn't always especially helpful if you want to direct attention to a particular section of text.

Now Google has a solution. Having previously released an extension for Chrome called Link to Text Fragment, the company is no in the process of integrating this useful deep-linking feature directly into the browser itself.

The Link to Text Fragment extension made it possible to create a hyperlink that points to a specific word, sentence or phrase on a page, and now this same option has been based into the Canary build of Chrome.

If you  want to highlight a particular snippet of text with a friend, colleague or family member, this new feature provides a great way to send someone directly to what you want them to see, saving them the hassle of trying to track it down on their own.

Easy linking

If you'd like to try out the feature, you'll have to be running Chrome Canary, which you can install alongside the release build. You will than have to enable an optional Chrome Flag to activate the 'Copy link to text' option.

  1. Pay a visit to chrome://flags
  2. Search for Copy link to text
  3. Select Enabled from the drop-down menu
  4. Restart Chrome

You can then highlight a word or phrase on a page, right-click and select the 'Copy link to text' option.

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