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Google launches People Cards for South Africa

(Image credit: Flickr)

Google has brought out People Cards on its mobile search engine for South Africa.

Much like the side panels that pop up when you search for a restaurant which tells you all the details Google has on it, these People Cards do the same but for individuals. 

However, while the Google Search Knowledge Panel is part created by Google pulling what it has and those establishments adding in information they wish to be there, the Google People Cards are entirely made by those they are about. 

Google explained that they created these Cards as more people are becoming businesses or creators in their own right and such a panel can help in their careers and personal online presence. 

The cards can help a person stand out, especially if they share a name with many people or have a need to distinguish themselves in a search.

How to create a People Card

You have to have a Google Account to create a People Card. Once you search your name on your mobile, you just tap "add me to Search". 

The system then takes you through the process of adding a photos, description, links to social profiles and other information.

You do have to have a unique phone number for the initial card creation. This is to ensure you card is unique and keeps it linked to a specific person.

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