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Game On: Why Grant Hinds Gives The Galaxy Note20 A High Score

(Image credit: Samsung)

Recently, the Galaxy Note20 series was launched to great acclaim worldwide. The Galaxy Note20 series is a productivity powerhouse that works like a computer and lets you game like a pro. At the August release, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy Note20 were launched with the Galaxy Buds Live. These devices caught the attention of YouTube marketer, professional geek and gaming guru Grant Hinds. Instantly a fan of the Galaxy Note20 this video games and tech contributor on South African TV shows such as Top Billing, Expresso and Tech Report revealed what he liked best. At the local, Unpacked launch Grant emphasized how excited he was about the potential of the device for work and play.

The Note20 is big on performance. In what ways will people experience it? 

Today, we need devices that are as flexible as we are. With what I do, I am excited to have the opportunity work, play and connect, however, I want. I can take my productivity to the next level with the Galaxy Note20 series - anytime from anywhere. I was impressed by the processing speed of the device, which gives me the ability to upload, download and even stream content with lightning speed. And because of the powerful battery and quick power-up capability, I can confidently make all-day video calls and use the pro-grade tools that enable me to create incredible cinematic videos. 

What aspect of Note 20 empowers your productivity?

The Wireless DeX is uber-useful.  I can not only share my phone content to my TV or PC screen, but I can run independent content on both TV and phone, and I can even use my Galaxy Note20 handset as the control touchpad, or get Bixby to manage this through voice control. The S Pen, which is extremely fluid and reactive to your touch, feels like an actual pen. Also, with the new Samsung Notes Live Sync  I can save all my notes straight to the cloud and access them from a phone, tablet, or PC. When it's time to turn notes from a meeting into a PowerPoint presentation, I can access documents from my phone on a laptop.

As a passionate, gamer you must be excited about the Note20’s 5G capabilities

The Galaxy Note20 series immerses you in your favourite entertainment. The larger screen sizes and minimalised punch hole gives me the freedom to play. The Galaxy Note20 has a screen size of 6.7 inches while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a 6.9-inch display. Both bring the game to life in a big way. I’m also excited that 5G will empower not only the gaming aspect of play but as new services become mainstream in 2021, the Galaxy Note20 will only grow in its value to you. Importantly, as a very passionate gamer, the features that stand out for me are game booster mode. You’ll be able to game with high-quality graphics on the go with a 120hz refresh rate. This means you can react faster with limited latency. It’s a massive advantage for gamers. You can even pair your device with a Bluetooth game controller for an even better cloud gaming experience.

There is no doubt that Grant Hinds finds the Galaxy Note20 to be a win. At the launch, he couldn’t contain his excitement as he described the possibilities the device offers. This is a feeling many will soon experience. 

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