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Frontpoint home security systems

Frontpoint home security systems
(Image credit: FrontPoint)

Frontpoint is a supplier of DIY home security systems with 24/7 remote monitoring. With kits starting at $99, Frontpoint is an easy-to-install DIY system that has a wide range of competitively priced home security sensors. In our Frontpoint home security systems evaluation, we consider whether it’s the top DIY home security solution available today. 

Frontpoint’s kits start at $99 (Image credit: FrontPoint)

Frontpoint: Plans and pricing

There are four Frontpoint kits from which to choose, and you can build your own setup using the custom build wizard. You can pay for kits over a three-month or six-month period, with an interest rate of 0-30%, depending on your credit rating. We consider Frontpoint’s kits to be competitively priced, but you will pay more monthly for remote monitoring than with most other services.

The cheapest kit is the Safe Home Starter, which is billed as a seven-piece system, but that’s taking into account the yard signs, window decals, and door stickers. The kit includes the Frontpoint hub, keypad, two door/window sensors, and a motion sensor. It’s enough for a small apartment. At the time of writing, this package is on special offer for an attractive $99.

The Safe Home Everyday package includes everything from the Safe Home Starter package and adds one more door/window sensor and an additional motion sensor. This bumps the price to $295.94, even with a 20% discount applied.

For more complete coverage, you can choose the Safe Home Select package. It’s $383.92 with the 20% discount applied and adds yet another door/window sensor, a glass break sensor, and a smoke and heat sensor.

Finally, the Safe Home Preferred system ($479.90, including a 20% discount) has five-door/window sensors, two motion sensors, a glass break sensor, a smoke and heat sensor, and an indoor camera.

Frontpoint home security systems

You can choose a pre-built kit or build your own (Image credit: FrontPoint)

Frontpoint: How it works

Besides choosing your hardware, you’ll need a remote monitoring plan, of which Frontpoint offers two. The Interactive plan costs $44.99/month and includes 24/7 monitoring, hourly automated system checks, mobile alerts, notifications by email, and remote control of your Frontpoint system.

The Ultimate plan costs around $49.99/month and unlocks a few additional features. For example, you can set up motion-triggered alerts, control your smart home’s lights, view live video streaming, and activate night vision. Still, the price is higher than the industry average.

Installing your Frontpoint home security system is relatively easy, but expect to spend a few hours on it if you have a medium-sized or large home. Frontpoint sends you an email with instructions on how to initiate the process. You set up the hub first by entering your address, contact numbers, master code, and user codes. If you have home Wi-Fi, you can enter your network details so the hub will use your Wi-Fi as a backup to cellular. Then, you install all the sensors around your home. As they’ve already been paired at the factory, there’s minimal required setup from there.

Frontpoint home security systems

The Frontpoint hub is the centerpiece of your security system (Image credit: FrontPoint)

Frontpoint: Features and services

One of Frontpoint’s strengths as a DIY home security solution is its long list of different in-home gadgets to suit your needs. For example, besides the sensors outlined above, you can add indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, doorbell cameras, smart locks, garage door controllers, panic pendants, lightbulbs, and wireless light controls. The system, therefore, doubles as a smart home platform for home automation.  

Your home security setup can be quite advanced if you want it to be. With the Ultimate plan, you can set up motion-controlled events, such as recording any movement on your cameras or sending you a notification if movement is detected in a particular location. Intelligent detection avoids false alarms from pets. You can also watch live video feeds on your TV, and the system works with Google Home and Alexa, so you can control your smart home with your voice or by using the mobile app, from wherever you are. As far as DIY home security goes, Frontpoint worked well in our testing.

Frontpoint home security systems

You can control your security system from anywhere with the Frontpoint mobile app (Image credit: FrontPoint)

Frontpoint: Support and customer care

Frontpoint has an online support website but it needs improvement. Many of the pages have broken images, and most answers to FAQs are short or just direct you to the PDF manual.

Direct customer support is available via phone or email from 8 AM to 11 PM EST, Monday to Friday, and 10 AM to 7 PM on weekends. We sent a few emails to Frontpoint in our testing, but disappointingly, it took days to get a reply to each email.

Frontpoint home security systems

Frontpoint has a basic online help system with search functionality (Image credit: FrontPoint)

The competition

SimpliSafe is Frontpoint’s stiffest competition in the DIY home security market. SimpliSafe’s hardware is more expensive to begin with and doesn’t offer the versatility and wide range of devices that Frontpoint does. But SimpliSafe’s ongoing monitoring fees are about half of Frontpoint’s fees, and the system is even easier to set up.

If you’re not confident enough to install your own security system, we recommend ADT, which offers a comparable solution to Frontpoint. It includes professional installation and a six-month money-back guarantee.

Final verdict

Frontpoint is a top solution if you want to install your own home security system, particularly if you want interesting devices such as touchscreens, garage door tilt sensors, smart door locks, and wireless light controls. Where many DIY home security solutions only offer the basics, Frontpoint impresses with its wide range of options, configurability, and integration with other smart home products. 

More affordable DIY products exist, especially when you consider that the cheapest remote monitoring from Frontpoint costs $44.99/month. But if you want complete control over how your home security is set up, Frontpoint is an excellent choice.

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