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Free version of Showmax launches in South Africa

(Image credit: Showmax)

A free version of Showmax has just launched for South Africans which allows you to view some of the platforms content without spending a cent. 

Called, "Showmax Free", it's available on your mobile phone and the Showmax website. 

The pay-off for using the free site is that you have to watch adverts every now and then. Not having annoying adverts was always the big win with streaming sites but if you can't afford the R149 a month, it's a small annoyance for a free service.  

Some other aspects of the service that are not included in the free version are downloads, which means you will always have to have a stable internet connection to keep watching. 

MultiChoice hasn't specified which shows will be available on their free content but did confirm that it will be a mix of international and local series. 

This isn't an entirely surprising move, as other streaming sites like Netflix, have also done away with free trials in favour of completely free offerings. Whether this will pay-off and entice more users in the long-term is still to be seen. 

How to sign up for free

Go to the Showmax app, tap on "more", and enable the free option. This will redirect you to the home screen so you can start watching. 

Leila Stein

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