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Fortnite Minor League kicks off in SA

Fornite on Samsung Galaxy Note 9
(Image credit: TechRadar)

Kids can't get enough of Fortnite. Why not let them test their skills with Mettlestate's Fortnite Minor League. 

For those not aware of what exactly the massive battle royale game is, here is a quick briefer. 

With new updates and iterations every "season", Fortnite is a multi-player game where players battle it out to be the last person standing. Players have to scavenge for weapons, items and resources to stay alive and take out opponents.

The game is intense but its fun. The colourful scheme has captured kids around the world and sparked more than one dance craze. 

ESports have entered a league of their own online, and participating in them is much like playing a cricket match. It gives players a chance to test their skills in a high stakes environment. 

From 6 June, South African kid gamers will be able to compete in the Minor League hosted by Mettlestate in association with Parents of Kid Gamers.

Avid Fortnite players will be able to show what they're made of and the gamer with the most points at the end will take home an official tournament exclusive Fortnite hoodie. 

To keep parents assured and aware of what the League entails, parents are required to sign up their kids and a permission form. Those who are still concerned can read this comprehensive guide on how the match will go down. 

Leila Stein

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