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FNB updates speedpoints to scan QR codes

(Image credit: FNB)

South Africans have just gotten another way to pay as FNB rolls out QR code payments for its standalone point of sale terminals. 

QR code payments in the country have been popular since apps like Snapscan and Zapper were brought out. They are quick, convenient and mean you don't always have to have your wallet on you to make a small purchase. 

While this previously meant you shops had to have a separate QR code scanner, FNB are now integrating the scan into their card machines. 

FNB acknowledged that the COVID-19 pandemic pushed this process to be fast-tracked as no-touch payments have shot up in popularity. With card tapping now standard across all stores for payment, being able to scan a QR code makes paying even more hygienic. 

This update will work for any app that can be used for Scan to Pay.  

How it works

Rather than having to bring up the QR code on your phone and direct it to a scanner or scan a QR code sitting on the till bench, all customers have to do is scan the QR code which is brought up on the speedpoint screen. 

When paying, the option on how to pay will come up including: credit card, debit card and scan to pay. 

A good internet connection and a scan to pay app is all you need. 

Leila Stein

Leila Stein is an experienced multimedia journalist and content producer with a special interest in data journalism. she is skilled in news writing, editing, online writing and multimedia content production and have a Bachelor of Journalism  from Rhodes University and an Honours in Historical Studies from University of Cape Town.