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First eSIM Apple Watches on pre-order in SA

Apple Watch 5
(Image credit: Future)

Many Apple Watch users have complained about connection loss when their phone is not within reach. The new cellular-enabled Apple Watch 3 and Apple Watch 5 eliminate this problem completely, meaning you're never disconnected. 

Available for pre-order in South Africa through iStore, these watches use an embedded Sim (eSIM) to allow the watch to connect to mobile networks rather than through the iPhone device. 

This new addition means that runners will be able to receive notifications, make calls and send messages while on a run, without the need to carry their bulky phone. It also means no more lost connectivity while your phone is charging somewhere in the house. 

Equipped with the usual bells and whistles of the Apple Watch series, the cellular series is available in all standard colour and size variations. 

The only snag is the pre-orders at the iStore are exclusively available to Vodacom network users.

This is frustrating for those who are with another service provider. The iStore has encouraged interested buyers to apply for a new iPhone contract via Vodacom at their stores. While this does save time of having to go to Vodacom, it is likely that some may see it as too much effort for what the new gadget is worth, especially if you consider its price point. 

The non-cellular Watch series were considered expensive but justifiable for their benefits, the cellular series might be a harder sell. 

The Series 3 GPS + Cellular costs R7,500 and R8,499 for the 38mm and 42 mm respectively. The Series 5  GPS + Cellular will set you back between R12,999- R19,999.

Leila Stein

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