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Find Your Perfect Fit With A Lifestyle TV That Matches Your Style

(Image credit: Samsung)

For many people, their TV barely factors into their home décor choices. Samsung changed this with the release of The Frame TV and The Serif TV. Now, whether you lean more towards a designer’s eye or the aesthetic of a gallery you can choose a TV that will elevate your space. Both The Frame TV and The Serif TV combine innovative design with stunning QLED picture quality and Smart TV features to deliver a seamless and intuitive TV journey.

The Frame 

TV When It's On. Art When It's Off

With its frame-like design, this TV looks great on any wall. When it’s switched off, it turns into pieces of art. Turn it on and enjoy your favourite shows in stunning 4K QLED quality. Switch it off and it becomes a virtual art gallery in your home. The Frame is a TV with an elegant and modern frame that seamlessly blends into your decor. You can customise your look with a range of different colour frame options to beautifully complement any space. You can even think beyond the walls with various TV stand options that match you and the style of your interior. Care has also been taken with details like a no-gap wall mount. Imagine easily hanging The Frame close against the wall, just like a real picture. With Samsung's No-Gap wall mount, it’s effortless.

The Serif 

Beautiful At Any Angle

The Serif blurs the lines between modern design and technology. It is both stylish in design and stunning in picture quality. With its Iconic I-shape profile, The Serif beautifully integrates into your personal style and interior décor. The slim frame turns it into a statement piece. Through its versatile design, you can enjoy the view of your TV from all angles with The Serif's harmonious design. And with a detachable metal floor stand, you now have the freedom to place your TV almost anywhere in your space. Also, with just one touch, you can play music from your compatible smartphone through the Serif’s powerful TV speakers. * This means you can transfer your favourite songs on your mobile phone onto your TV screen with just a quick tap on The Serif. 

Whichever of the two lifestyle TV’s you choose, it’s a TV that will transform your home.

*When using NFC on TV, Bluetooth on your compatible mobile will automatically activate. Compatible TV and device must be turned on. Only supported by Android OS-based smartphones that support Near Field Communication (NFC) wireless information sharing.