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Fable 4 on Xbox Series X trailer, release date, Xbox Game Pass and what we know

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Fable 4, or just Fable as it's officially known right now, has been announced by Microsoft after years of speculation. As rumored for a long time, Microsoft-owned studio Playground Games is behind the game, and it's coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC at an unspecified point in the future.

Fable for Xbox Series X was officially confirmed by Microsoft during its July 2020 Xbox Games Showcase event, with Playground's involvement being revealed at the same time. It's largely expect to be an open-world game, finally giving Xbox the kind of cinematic sandbox title that's proven to be such a big success for Sony's PS4 with the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man.

This is the first mainline entry in the Fable series since 2010's Fable 3, and it's been a long time coming after the cancellation of Fable Legends and closure of Lionhead, its original developers.

Here's what we know about Fable 4 so far, then, including its likely release date, trailer and what previous reports have suggested about this new entry in the series.

Fable 4 is coming to Xbox Series X and PC – but it's just called Fable

Fable is being developed for Xbox Series X/S and Windows 10 PC. That means it's possible (but not confirmed) we won't see this one on Xbox One, unlike some of the other titles coming to the console. That might be a good thing, since the developers can focus on making a title that gets the most from this newer hardware.

Fable 4 trailer: see the game announcement here

The first Fable trailer is above, and it doesn't reveal much, save for the fact that the game is likely set well before the later entries in the series. That's because we don't get as much of a sense of a Victorian-style industrial revolution as we did in Fable 3's setting. 

Fable 4 release date

No release date has been set for Fable on Xbox Series X yet, but we wouldn't expect to see it until late 2021 at the very earliest.

Fable 4 is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Like all first-party Microsoft games, you'll be able to play Fable 4 as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription on Xbox Series X or PC, which was officially confirmed on Twitter. So, whenever it gets here, you won't need to drop $60/£50 to play it. 

Fable 4 is likely an open world game

(Image credit: Microsoft)

In January 2018, Eurogamer said that according to sources close to the project, a brand new high-budget Fable game was in the works. Now, we know that to be true.

This news came less than two years after the closure of Lionhead Studios, and the report correctly stated that Playground Games, best known for its work on the Forza Horizon series, will be the new developers for the series. 

Eurogamers sources said that a team of more than 200 will be working on Fable from the team’s new offices in Leamington Spa, though development was still in the very early stages. 

Just what kind of Fable might Playground be working on? Well, the report said that the game is planned to be an open world action RPG with a focus on character and story. That certainly tallies with everything we saw in the reveal trailer, with the final shot showing off a big world that looks ripe for exploration.

It would also make sense that Playground would bring its open world expertise from Forza Horizon into a game like this.

Either way, we can't wait to see what it's come up with. Fable has been dormant for far too long.