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End of the line for ADSL in South Africa

(Image credit: Pexels)

Openserve has announced they will discontinue their ADSL offering for those who live in areas that have installed fibre.

This doesn't come as a surprise as the phasing out of ADSL in favour of fibre has been happening for some time. However, this move is one of the biggest as it will force those who haven't already to move over to fibre. 

Openserve has contacted customers and given them until September 1 to make a plan to move before their lines are shut off. 

End of copper

ADSL lines were a major step forward from the dial-up days that came before them, but have since become more of a burden. 

The copper network hasn't kept up with the speed and convenience of fibre and is extremely vulnerable to theft, which means increased costs for repairs. 

Openserve's fight against copper theft is apparent, as their social media includes asking the public to report copper theft and explains how this hurts communities' ability to stay connected to the internet. 

This has resulted in Openserve making this push for users who are in fibre connected areas. It helps the company lessen the amount of ADSL networks they have to manage, fix and improve, and encourages people onto their fibre solution. 

“We are encouraging all customers to move on to our modernised FTTH network and experience the joys of being able to connect and consume all required services on it,” CEO Althon Beukes said in a statement..

It might be a hassle but this big push is inevitable following the successfully completed fibre installation projects across the country. 

Leila Stein

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