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DStv is increasing its prices on all packages

(Image credit: MultiChoice)

It might be a surprise after years of complaining about the expense, but Multichoice has decided to up its prices on DStv packages. 

This comes after Multichoice complained that streaming sites like Netflix are posing a major threat to their revenue. 

The increases will come into effect from April, with each package increasing at a slightly different rate. 

"On a weighted average basis, we are looking at about a 2.4% increase across the base. We still have to pay most of our content costs in dollars and we have to try and manage the exchange rate as best we can. In light of a torrid year, to have kept it on average well below CPI [inflation] for the coming year is an achievement," said COO of Multichoice, Simon Camerer.

If you're a longtime DStv subscriber this will come as no surprise, as year on increases is not unusual for the service. 

In addition to an increase in package prices, BoxOffice rentals will be going up to R40, a R5 increase. 

Package increases

  • Premium- From R819 to R829 
  • Compact Plus - From R529 to R539 
  • Compact - From R399 to R409
  • Family- From R279 to R295
  • Access - From R110 to R115
Leila Stein

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