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DStv finally replaces "Catch Up" with new category system

(Image credit: DStv)

DStv are pushing to make their online and app platforms as accessible and user-friendly as their decoders. This has finally included an overhaul of the catch-up system online. 

Previously, users who logged into DStv Now (which has been renamed to just DStv), would have a Catch-Up tab at the top of the web page where they would go in to find TV shows and movies. 

This made the whole thing feel like a sad, lower-rent version of the decoder experience and rather an after thought than somewhere you would actually want to go and catch-up. 

MultiChoice have realised the error of their UX ways and have now changed the system. Much like other streaming services, those logging in now are greeted with a much smoother experience with tabs running along the top indicating tv shows, movies and so on. 

Once you click on TV Shows, you are again greeted with a sub-bar that offers you to refine your search to reality TV, comedy, drama etc. 

So far it is only the online webpage that has fully installed this update, however, MultiChoice confirmed it will be rolling out on the app soon.

Leila Stein

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