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DStv and Premier League enter five-year deal

(Image credit: MultiChoice)

Premier League Soccer fans will be excited to hear that MultiChoice’s DStv has signed a five-year deal to become the new title sponsor of the premier division.

This league has been placed in the top 10 globally, and has been instrumental in growing local talent and Africa's soccer fanatic audiences. 

 The DStv Premiership partnership aims to boost South Africa’s Premier Soccer League and increase the availability to watch these epic games to more fans across the country, and continent. 

"As the PSL continues to innovate with a quest to improve its product, it will have a full backing of DStv, whose offering require an abundance of local content. There is no “them and us," said PSL Chairman, Dr Irvin Khoza. 

"We are joined at the hip to produce enhanced consumption of the best product for our deserving supporters."

The new deal was launched with the call 'Babize Bonke' to call South Africans to the beautiful game.

MultiChoice said that there will be more televised games than ever before, with a key focus on local matches, which will be available through select DStv packages and DStv online. 

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