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Domain .ZA gets beefy security upgrade

(Image credit: Pixabay)

The ZA Central Registry (ZACR) will now be offering a new security feature: A Registry Lock. The new feature will be used for the EPP-based domain names that the ZACR manage.

A Registry Lock is a manual process initiated by Registrars to mitigate the risk of domain name tampering or inadvertent modifications. Registrars typically only apply for a registry lock on behalf of their customers, for their most valuable domain names.

The Registry Lock will prevent domain name hijackings and prevent unauthorised transfers of domain names. 

According to ZACR CEO Lucky Masilela, the Registry Lock will work for these domain name extensions: 





- .africa, 

- .capetown, 

- .durban, and .joburg, 

How to activate 

EPP-accredited registrars need to provide the registry with a passphrase through a telephonic validation process. This will allow changes like updates, transfers and deletes to be processed on a domain name.

The manual system will weed out the possibility of being infiltrated and manipulated, which is a risk associated with fully automated systems.

The Registry Lock will cost an additional fee to the normal domain name registration fee. 

ZACR said that this protection is priceless in comparison to the damage that can be done if a domain is hijacked.

Benefits of the Registry Lock

The benefits that come from the Registry Lock include: 

1. Registrants will have increased domain name security.

2. The Registry Lock brings peace of mind to registrars and registrants.

3. Increased revenue for registries and registrars.

4. High quality registrant data in the registry data base.