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Discovery Bank launches a virtual card and new digital features

Discovery Bank App
(Image credit: Discovery)

Discovery Bank has added a host of new features to its digital banking service with the launch of its new app.

Its clients will now be able to create virtual cards, specifically for online shopping and can now get up to 20 percent off when they spend their Discovery Miles online and in-store.

Discovery Pay, is a new payment system that is introduced with the update, customers can now make direct payments to their contacts who are Discovery Vitality members by using their cellphone numbers.

How the new features work

Virtual cards

Virtual cards work in much the same way as physical cards, a key difference is that new customers will immediately have access to a Discovery card to make transactions with.

Existing customers can easily add a virtual card to their accounts via the Discovery Bank app.

Using virtual and physical cards for different transactions protects customers against fraud and adds an extra layer of security to transactions, as every virtual card has a unique card number, expiry date and card verification value (CVV).

There is no limit on the number of virtual cards that can be added to an account and you no longer have to worry about forgetting your card at home and being stranded without cash because virtual cards are stored inside the Discovery Banking app and can never be lost.

It is recommended that you use your virtual cards to pay for online services and subscriptions such as Spotify, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

When the virtual card expires it will automatically be replaced and all regular payments will be transferred to the new card, hassle-free.

Discovery Pay

Discovery Pay allows customers to make payments even if they do not have the recipient's banking details.

You can easily make a payment by navigating to the Banking App and selecting one of your contacts and if the person is an active Discovery Vitality member the money will seamlessly be transferred into the their verified bank account.

This, again, provides an extra layer of security as you do not have to leave a paper trail of banking details every via email or any other form of correspondence.

Discovery Miles discounts

When Discovery Vitality Money members use their Discovery Miles online, or in-store, with the bank's partner network – which includes,, iStore, Dial a Bed, Coricraft, NetFlorist, Yuppiechef, Zando, Dis-Chem more – they can benefit from savings of up to 20 percent.

You will also receive a discount if you use your Discovery Miles to purchase airtime, data, or prepaid water and electricity.

The discount benefits those who have activated multiple Vitality programmes most of all and is structured as follows:

Vitality Health = +5% discount

Vitality Drive = +5% discount

Vitality Money = +5% discount

Discovery Bank suite = +5% discount.

You will receive an additional discount of five percent if you have a Discovery Bank account and credit card.

To make use of these discounts in store you must generate a discount voucher in your Discovery Bank app.