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DIRT 5 features Cape Town Stadium in new trailer

Dirt 5
(Image credit: Codemasters)

The trailer for the new DIRT 5 racer is out and South Africans will be pleased so notice a local landmark making its debut as the location for this exciting drag race. 

The Cape Town Stadium features as a track on the new game with up to 12 cars starting outside, making their way under into the parking lot and out into a stadium set up with a dirt track filled with the expected hills and ridges. 

The race featured Golden Age rally cars of the 1990s which zoom around the stadium as break-neck speeds. 

“Cape Town Stadium in South Africa is ideal for both our Playgrounds custom arena creator mode, and atmospheric, technical and flat-out fun races. Going from the perimeter through the parking lot and into the stadium is an exhilarating experience," said Robert Karp, the game's development director.

The game is expected to release on November 6 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, while the Xbox Series X|S version will release on November 10. The PS5 edition will be available in conjunction with the release of the console worldwide on November 19.

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