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Crosscall rugged phone range SA: details, prices

(Image credit: CrossCall)

Crosscall, a French brand specialising in outdoor mobile tech, has arrived in South Africa. 

Their range of rugged, durable devices are perfect for those who work in mainly outdoor or tough environments. The biggest win is that they come with a 3-year warranty. 

The available range includes the Core M4, Core M4 Go, X4 and T4 tablet which are all ultra-resistant, waterproof and have long-lasting batteries.

Let's take a closer look at these products. 



All the devices are IP68 and Mil Spec 810. The phones have been tested for drops of 2 metres and the tablet is safe for a drop of up to 1,5m. 

Each also has an X-Link magnetic connector to use for accessories like special mounts. They can be connected to traditional mechanical mounts. 


The first Crosscall tablet is suited for an outdoor office or a toddler wanting to give technology a bit of a bash. It has an AER (Android Enterprise Reccomended) certification from Google so professionals from all sectors can work with it, in any type of environment. 

With an 8-inch screen, Qualcomm 450 processor and 3/32 GB memory, it can be used with one hand, in portrait or landscape mode. It has 2 SIM slots to connect anywhere in 4G+ and access different applications even while roaming. The WIFI and 4G+ connectivity allows the user to be responsive wherever they are, without fear of running out of battery power. It with a 7000 mAh batteryenough to easily withstand a day of continuous use of emails, YouTube or web-browsing.

 It also has a 13MP camera and is water resistant so you can take shots underwater. 


The Core-X4 phone is AER certified and super versatile. It is Crosscalls top of the range and is equipped to reflect its position.

It runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM 450 processor and has a triple SIM drawer which means you can switch between two SIMS and hold a micro SD card. The 48MP photo video sensor allows for a 12MP resolution.

The 18:9 format makes it ergonomically superior as you can access the entire screen with just your thumb. There is a wet touch and glove touch function so you don't struggle when your hands are wet or in gloves. 

As expected, it is pretty robust and can withstand a variety of shocks and immersions. There are also two programmable buttons which can be assigned a push-to-talk configuration so the smartphone can become a walkie-talkie.  


The Core M-4 has the durability of it's bigger brother but is the medium tier product. 

The compact 5inch 18:9 screen design helps with its lighter, smaller size so its easy to use and transport. 

With its Qualcomm 215 processor and 2/16GB of memory, the CORE-M4 runs on Android 9 and has dual SIM functionality, giving it, like the CORE-X4the ability to easily switch between professional and personal modes. It also has the programmable buttons with the push-to-talk option. 


The most basic of the range, the Core-M4 Go has the same durability of the other phones but with simplified functions. 

Rather than Android 9 it is running the lightweight Android GO. It has retained the 12MP camera and 3000 mAh battery so it can keep up with the higher spec phones in terms of lasting a full work day. 





Crosscall has given recommended prices for their products but these might vary slightly across each retailer. 

The full list of retailers stocking these phones and tablet include Vodacom, MTN, Takealot, Cellucity and other specialised vendors. 

  • CORE-T4: R11,000
  • CORE-X4: R9,500
  • CORE-M4: R6,700
  • CORE-M4 GO: R5,400
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