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Consider adding this crime reporting app to your phone

Crime Stopper App
(Image credit: Crime Stopper)

Crime Spotter is a map-based community crime reporting app that is striving to keep South Africans safe.

While there have been many solutions suggested for helping South Africans steer clear of becoming victims to crime, there aren't many that are effective. 

This new app hopes to combine the good work fo a neighbourhood watch with the wider South African community.  

The app allows anyone to join and report criminal incidents for free. The  local alert system has been designed to bring communities together and to quickly and easily share information that could potentially prevent crime and to ensure people are protected.

The app was developed independently by In-Detail Advertising, a Johannesburg based design agency. 

"CrimeSpotter is an easy to use crime reporting and alert app. Using the power of community to gather and share data. Bringing communities closer together with technology and information that can be shared quickly and centrally," said the company in a statement. 

The app is a brilliant tool for neighbourhood watch groups, community policing forums, security companies and civilians in general.

It is important to note that while this tool is extremely useful, it is in no way a substitute to an actual police report which will need to be formally filed too.


CrimeSpotter is available to download for free on iOSHuawei and Android