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Comic Con Africa goes virtual with online event

Comic Con Africa
(Image credit: Comic Con Africa)

Fans were devastated when Comic Con Africa was cancelled due to COVID-19. In response, Reed Expeditions announced on Tuesday [June 9] the show must go on, but this time it will be hosted online.

The popular convention will take up a new virtual identity, hosted over the same dates from September 24 to 27 this year.

According to organisers the online stream will offer "convention-goers" everything they are used to at the annual event in virtual form, including discussion panels, gaming tournaments, stores and more.

“We work hard all year to bring our fans the best in pop culture entertainment and content. By taking the Con Online we know that we will never be able to offer quite the same experience as connecting and engaging at the actual show, but we also don’t want to stop bringing our fans the fun and entertainment in 2020. COVID-19 won’t stop the dedicated fandoms and communities that Comic Con Africa engages with, so by offering an Online Con experience we can still not only keep our communities together but connect more fans and grow to ensure that our 2021 show is the biggest yet!” said organisers.

No schedule or lineup has been announced yet, but Reed Expeditions have said some streams hosted during the virtual event will require payment. Patrons have been notified, however, they can choose to have their ticket refunded through Howler or roll it over for next year's big event.

With much still to be announced, pop culture fans are on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting more information. Until more announcements are made you can visit the convention's official website here.