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ColorOS gets the most out of OPPO devices

Oppo smartphone
(Image credit: OPPO)

OPPO has recently arrived in South Africa and in addition to bringing new smartphones, it has also brought its own OS. 

All OPPO devices run on the manufacturer's own operating system, which is called ColorOS.

They claim that ColorOS sifts through the clutter of Android, to create a more approachable experience that allows you to complete tasks more efficiently and harness the true power of OPPO devices.

Current devices run ColorOS 7.1, which is built on Android 10, and have access to the Google Play Store and all Google Services.

The operating system is packed with a few nifty features including a powerful video editor, a safe for confidential data, an app lock and a sidebar, which makes navigating your device a breeze.

Here's how ColorOS' features work.

SoLoop Video Editor

The SoLoop video editor analyses your video clips, extracts the best shots and arranges them into a captivating edit that is ready to be shared to social media. That being said, you still have control over the creative direction of the video, the dedicated algorithm is merely there to assist you by recommending music and different scene styles to elevate your storytelling.

The application is even capable of automatically generating subtitles, if you prefer watching content with the sound off.

Private Safe

The Private Space app is a storage area dedicated to your important documents, such as copies of your identity document and passport.

It is protected by a biometric lock, so even if you lose your phone, the contents of the safe will remain private.

The application is the perfect place to store anything that you don't want other people to see on your phone.

App Lock

The app lock is further evidence of ColorOS' commitment to safety, as it allows you to lock your apps and the data within them with a secret pin code.

This is an important feature in today's cyber insecure world.

The sidebar allows you to place all your most used apps in a single location for easy access and a speedier workflow.

The sidebar is always accessible and visible onscreen, no matter which app you are using. However, its discreet design means that it does not obstruct the your view.

OPPO has already begun the process of updating its devices to ColorOS 11, which is built on Android 11. 

This operating system upgrade is expected to bring more personalisation and fun features to devices.