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Chrome for Android is getting an amazing new screenshot option

(Image credit: Google Chrome)

Taking screenshots of websites could be about to get a whole lot easier for Android users. Just about everyone who has taken a screengrab of a page will have run into the irritating problem of not being able to capture everything in a single image.

Google is currently testing a new screenshot option that will eliminate the need to take multiple grabs to capture everything you need. Known as Long Screenshot, the feature will make it possible to taking scrolling screenshots that take in an entire web page.

This is something that Google has already toyed with in beta versions of Android 11, but it seems that the company decided that the option is better suited to Chrome rather than its mobile operating system.

The scrolling screenshot option tested in beta builds of Android 11 did not make it to the final release, but now it appears to have been migrated into Google's mobile web browser instead. The new ability will be welcomed by anyone who has been frustrated by having too take multiple screenshots and stitch them together, or who has had to resort to using third-party tools.

Grab it all

Although the experimental flag is not yet available – even in the experimental Canary build of Chrome for Android – the description gives a good idea of what to expect when Google does make it available in the browser:

"Chrome Share Long Screenshots: Enables UI to edit and share long screenshots on Android".

At the moment, references to the feature have only been spotted in the Chromium Gerrit, and it is impossible to say when – or, indeed, if – the Long Screenshot option will land on handsets for Chrome users to experiment with.

Via MSPowerUser