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Capitec brings out scan to pay option

(Image credit: Capitec)

Capitec has joined the scan to pay game with this function being added to its banking app. 

Scan to pay has boomed in South Africa during the pandemic and was already highly favoured for its simplicity and security. 

Apps like Snapscan and Zapper have shot up in popularity, with almost all retailers and restaurants making it an easy payment option. 

Capitec's new offering can be used across all major QR code-based payment providers and it claims to be the only bank offering this service to its customers. 

What makes this special is that it means you don't have to buy a billion scan to pay apps on your phone, rather you can use the one app and load the cards you want onto it. 

This is great as not all locations have all the different apps, meaning if you walk up to a till and they only have Zapper, this isn't a big concern. 

How to use Capitec Masterpass

  • Download the Capitec Masterpass app from your Android or iOS app store
  • Load your Capitec cards (the wallet can take up to 5 different debit or credit cards)
  • Choose a Masterpass profile password (used only when editing profile information)
  • When you’re shopping in-store or online, simply scan and pay
Leila Stein

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