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Capetonian develops food delivery app

(Image credit: Pekkish SA)

A Cape Town borne food market app called Pekkish SA has created a platform for community kitchens to thrive. 

Lockdown restrictions have not been kind on South Africans and co-founder Faldiel Bassadien has put vendors at the top of the priority list. 

“No mark-up to menu’s or percentage of turnover is taken from vendors, thus offering a transparent service that solves all logistical operations of their businesses. We offer the operations and logistical solution and the vendors focus on serving up goodness," he said. 

With aims to expand across South Africa, Pekkish is currently only operational in Cape Town. 

Time is a luxury and not many people have enough to prepare a solid, delicious home cooked meal at the end of the day. 

The app aims to bridge the gap between getting delicious, authentic food at a reasonable price, supporting the consumer's lighter wallet too. 

There are 26 vendors available on the app currently and the options range from sweet treats and sushi to burgers and fresh produce. 

With the unemployment rate currently sitting at 23.3 percent in South Africa, the app founders aim to alleviate the pressure on local households. For a mere R149 per month, any home kitchen can become a business. 

“Food is what connects communities, and we wanted to offer locals a way to turn their passion into a business. Tough times have been made tougher by the Covid-19 pandemic, Pekkish SA enables new or existing kitchens to a larger customer market and the ability to expand their current client base,” says Bassadien. 

How it works 

Pekkish SA is easy to manage, track orders, income and provides a safe space for contactless payment. 

It is offering businesses a platform to make their cuisine and kitchens more accessible, as outlying areas in Cape Town are often forgotten by traditional delivery service providers. 

Visit or download the app in the Google Playstore for Android devices, a version compatible to Apple users is in progress.