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Canon's developing a revamped EOS R with APS-C sensor, new report suggests

Canon EOS R
(Image credit: Future)

Canon has only just released the EOS M50 Mark II, albeit in very select markets, but there's been chatter about an APS-C version of the company's EOS R full-frame snapper for some months. But it's been just that, chatter... until now.

Canon Rumors – the online publication renowned for divulging everything it can about the camera brand – is reporting that an RF mount camera with a crop sensor is in the pipeline and could be announced in the second half of 2021.

The publication has received confirmation from a source that while an APS-C sensor RF mount camera is in the works, Canon has no plans to release any RF-S lenses for the rumored camera. Instead, lenses that will fit both the full-frame snappers and the APS-C format one will be developed.

According to Canon Rumors, the camera will be aimed at sports photographers and videographers, with Canon apparently developing a brand new APS-C sensor for it. That means it will likely be as fast as (if not faster) than the EOS R6/R5, boast high frame rates and – as confirmed by Canon Rumors' source – will feature Canon's latest Dual Pixel Autofocus II.

With a smaller sensor under the hood, there's a good chance the rumored camera will be the most compact shooter in the EOS R line, making it a very compelling travel camera alternative. If it is smaller than the EOS RP, how it will balance long zoom lenses used by sports photographers remains to be seen.

Nothing else is currently known about the rumored camera, but there's plenty of time for more information to trickle down the grapevine. So watch this space as we bring you all the leaks and rumors of the potential new addition to Canon's stable.

Sharmishta Sarkar

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