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Canon launches the PowerShot ZOOM, expected to come to South Africa

(Image credit: Canon)

Canon's latest offering, the PowerShot ZOOM is more than meets the eye. 

This palm-sized, lightweight, 12 megapixel camera with image stabilisation and an easy-to-use 3 step zoom is everything you didn't know you needed. 

The camera is designed to capture life's special moments so that you can one day relive it in crisp detail. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer, raising a family or just sentimental, the camera will help you film your subject without the need for a tripod. 

The portable camera is equipped with a monocular-style fixed lens camera, capable of Full HD video and super-zoom. With 100mm, 400mm and a digitally extended 800mm zoom. 

This news has just been released globally, but the inventive camera is expected to be available in South Africa alongside its release overseas. 

Pricing has not been announced so far. It's US price is $299.99 which is around R5000 but it is likely to be slightly more expensive than that. 


The 3 step zoom enables instant optical and digital magnification. Reaching 100mm and 400mm optical focal lengths at apertures of f/5.6 and f/6.3 respectively, the Canon PowerShot ZOOM manages sharp focus on far away subjects.

With the extended 800mm equivalent digital zoom, this telephoto capability is ideal for casual bird watchers and nature explorers.

Weighing only 145g, the camera has an outstanding level of zoom for its size. 

The unique single lens design enables photographers to shoot quality still and video imagery without the need for heavy equipment.

Your memories are safe

Forget accidentally deleting a picture or video. Owners of this camera can import, browse and geo-tag images through Wi-Fi, supported by a Bluetooth® link to their smartphone. 

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity users can unlock remote Live View shooting for stills via the Canon Camera Connect app. 

If friends or family connect their smartphone to the camera in advance, they can even see what the shooter sees through the viewfinder in real time when standing close-by.