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Canon EOS R5 overheating issue may soon be solved... by Canon

Canon EOS R5
(Image credit: Future)

Canon's newest full-frame mirrorless flagship has some stupendous video prowess but the camera maker had to later admit that there are overheating issues, which explained why there were time limits for the EOS R5 and EOS R6's clips.

To counter that, third-party camera accessory companies like Tilta have stepped in to create add-on cooling systems for the new cameras. But a patent discovered by the eagle-eyed sleuths at Canon News last year (and ignored by many as being impractical at the time) might suggest the camera manufacturer has been thinking about this issue for a while now.

The Japanese patent describes an RF mount lens adaptor with a built-in fan to draw in cool air towards the sensor and vents to expel warm air.

(Image credit: Canon / JPO)

While this is an ingenious idea which places a cooling system right near the sensor where it's needed most, there are a few things about the design that are as yet unclear.

As an RF mount adaptor, this would mean that the cooling system will be in use only when using EF lenses with EOS R bodies. So anyone using native RF lenses will have to find other ways to keep things cool when filming video... unless there will be different versions of this adaptor.

(Image credit: Canon / JPO)

The other issue is fan noise, something most videographers will be keen to keep at a minimum. It's also unclear how Canon will dampen the vibrations from the fan – another major consideration for movie makers.

(Image credit: Canon / JPO)

Despite these little doubts, an active cooling system built into an adaptor is a great idea, but it is still just a patent and there's no guarantee it will see the light of day. If it does, though, it will help negate one of the EOS R5's biggest handicaps. 

Until then, third-party accessories might be the answer to the overheating issues, provided you don't mind the extra bulk the new modules will add.