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Canon EOS R5 and R6 SA pricing revealed

Canon EOS R6
(Image credit: Future)

Canon recently launched two new mirrorless cameras during its REIMAGINE global livestream. The retailer has now released its South African pricing and they are not easy on the wallet. 

The flagship the EOS R5 and the slightly more affordable (though not cheap) EOS R6 have been praised from the moment Canon revealed them to the world. 

Since they are competing for the positions of best mirrorless camera, it is not surprising that they come with a hefty price tag to support their top-tier design. 

Want to find out more before being put off by the price? 

The big reveal 

The flagship Canon EOS R5, designed for professionals has been priced to retail at R81,999 for the body alone. 

This is meant to be a camera for professionals and so it's not entirely unexpected. Should you want to invest in the lenses, the heft price tag will increase well into the R100,000 mark.

The "cheaper" EOS R6 designed for hobbyists doesn't skimp on its features either and is no bargain. At R48,495 for the body alone it is a bit over half the price of it's bigger brother and more likely to be the one most go for. 

Pre-order for the two cameras are available on the Orms Direct website, but there is no date for when it will arrive in the country.

Leila Stein

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