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Brinks Home Security systems

Brinks Home Security systems
(Image credit: Brinks)

Brinks Home Security blends DIY systems with 24/7 monitoring. We see this as both a strength and a weakness, something we explore in detail in our evaluation of Brinks Home Security systems. In short, we think Brinks occupies a unique middle ground in the home security systems market, and that this will appeal to some customers but deter others.

Brinks offers both pro installation and DIY options (Image credit: Brinks)

Brinks Home Security: Plans and pricing

Brinks offers three Smart Security packages of Brinks-branded hardware: Essential, Complete, and Ultimate. For each of these plans, 24/7 monitoring costs $39.99 per month.

The Essential package includes the IQ control panel, two wireless door sensors, and one wireless motion sensor. It costs $199.

The Complete package includes the IQ control panel, three wireless door sensors, two wireless motion sensors, and one indoor camera. It costs $349.

The Ultimate package includes the IQ control panel, one video doorbell, two motion sensors, three door sensors, one indoor camera. It also comes with free professional installation. It costs $1099, plus a $30.52 monthly system payment. 

Customers can also purchase Nest Secure hardware, with Brinks providing 24/7 monitoring. Included in this bundle is the Nest Guard base station and two door sensors. It costs $399, plus a $29.99 monthly monitoring fee and an $11.08 monthly system payment.

Brinks Home Security systems

Brinks offers a range of plans to suit different security needs (Image credit: Brinks)

Brinks Home Security: How it works

Whether you choose Brinks hardware or Nest Secure hardware, it is easy to get the system up and running quickly. You can either set the system up yourself, or purchase professional installation for an additional cost. 

Brinks is unlike other home security providers because it provides 24/7 monitoring services for both its own hardware and that of another provider (Nest Secure). This type of partnership is uncommon and enables potential customers to choose the hardware that best suits their needs, even if they’re set on Brinks 24/7 monitoring.

Brinks Home Security systems

Brinks offers both DIY and professional installation (Image credit: Brinks)

Brinks Home Security: Features and services

The IQ control panel is included in all Brinks bundles and enables users to control connected security and smart home devices. It connects to most major digital assistants, including Amazon Alexa. It also comes equipped with Z-Wave technology, which is a big plus. However, the control panel doesn’t go beyond basic, industry-standard functionalities, which is disappointing. There are many security providers with more intuitive and user-friendly base stations.

Brinks Home Security systems

The IQ Control Panel is functional but not particularly exciting (Image credit: Brinks)

Today, most home security systems go beyond simply protecting against theft and also protect against other threats such as fires and gas leaks. Brinks’ FireFighter device fulfills this aspect. However, used on its own, it is inferior to the products offered by many competitors. This is because the FireFighter listens for the sirens of standard smoke detectors in your house, rather than detecting smoke itself. To provide a proper smart home experience the FireFighter must be used alongside the IQ Smoke Detector, which distinguishes between several types of smoke to assess a threat’s severity. It can also detect rapid rises in heat, characteristic of smokeless electrical fires.

Brinks Home Security systems

The FireFighter device is lacking innovation and lags behind comparable competitor’s offerings (Image credit: Brinks)

Brinks Home Security systems

The IQ Smoke Detector should be used alongside the FireFighter Sensor (Image credit: Brinks)

The Brinks mobile app enables customers to control their home security network from anywhere. Doors can be locked, video feeds can be consulted, and settings can be altered. Many smart home devices can also be controlled via the app. All these features work admirably on the app, but we’re not convinced there is much in the way of innovation. The interface is not particularly exciting, and there don’t appear to be any features exclusive to Brinks’ systems.

Brinks Home Security systems

The Brinks app functions as advertised, but doesn’t offer a particularly exciting or innovative experience for customers (Image credit: Brinks)

Brinks Home Security: Support and customer care

In addition to 24/7 monitoring, Brinks provides several support options for customers. The online help center contains several useful resources, including tutorials, how-to videos, and a community forum. 

Customers can also access tech support via phone 24/7. Customer service and sales are available by phone during business hours only. Brinks doesn’t provide any online chat services.

Brinks Home Security systems

Brinks provides a number of articles to help with DIY installation (Image credit: Brinks)

The competition

Brinks occupies a unique spot in the home security market, as it is somewhere between a DIY service and a premium service. 

On the one hand, 24/7 monitoring is a premium feature that should be compared to services offered by premium providers such as ADT and Vivint. Both these providers are more expensive than Brinks but deliver, in our opinion, a better product. Vivint in particular has a substantially better user interface and suite of smart home integrations. 

On the other hand, Brinks is a DIY option for those looking to custom design their security system, with the addition of 24/7 monitoring. Compared to other DIY providers such as Abode, Brinks impresses. It is slightly more expensive but provides better security due to the 24/7 monitoring.

Final verdict

Brinks is an established and widely-used home security brand and is by no means a poor choice. However, we find the packages to be expensive, especially when compared to similar DIY providers. Customers who see 24/7 monitoring as a non-negotiable might be better served by a comprehensive, end-to-end provider such as ADT or Vivint.

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