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Bolt adds emergency button to app

Bolt adds emergency button to app
(Image credit: Bolt)

E-hailing service Bolt has introduced an emergency response button that passengers can use to send an SOS if they encounter trouble on the road.

The SOS button is located in Bolt's passenger app's Safety Toolkit and it connects users to armed response and emergency services at the touch of a button.

The 24/7 feature is the result of an ongoing partnership between Bolt and Namola, a South African safety platform. The SOS button was introduced earlier this year but it was only available to Bolt drivers.

The collaboration between the two platforms allows emergency response teams to swiftly gather information about the driver and passenger's identity, location and contact details, as well as, the make, model and license plate number of the Bolt vehicle.


How it works

If you feel unsafe at any point during your journey or are involved in an accident or another emergency incident, you can tap the green shield icon on the in-app map and hit the SOS button.

Once the emergency assistance service has been activated, Namola will call you back within 90 seconds to:

  • Ascertain what kind of emergency you are involved in;
  • Dispatch the requisite emergency response;
  • Help you keep your cool while you await assistance. 

For the best results, ensure that your location settings are turned on and that your cellphone number matches the number registered with the Bolt app.

The SOS button is one of many safety features that the e-hailing service has added to its platform.

The 'Share Your ETA' feature generates a shareable link that you can send to your loved ones so that they can keep an eye on your location in real-time on the Bolt map.