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Bitty Boomers, a bit of fun comes to SA

(Image credit: Bitty Boomers)

They're small, cute and pack a decent little punch. Bitty Boomers, adorable wireless Bluetooth speakers, have touched down in South Africa. 

More a toy than a utility, these little speakers are a great option for kids both those who are actually young and the young at heart. 

While a JBL or a Beats Pill might be more useful for a party or gathering, these little transportable speakers will keep you set during a workout, while you're hanging around the house or during an impromptu gathering. 

With different designs the little speaker also speaks to all the comic book, Fortnite and Star Wars nerds out there. 


Despite being small, the speakers are pretty impressive. 

Each uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, has a 9 metre range and can play 4 hours of music in one charge. 

The lightweight, little body makes it pocket-portable or easy to strap to your backpack. 

Another added feature is connecting Bitty Boomers to make a full surround sound experience. 


The little speakers are also a bit lighter on the wallet than the bigger, top of the range counterparts. 

At R399 each, they're an easy present for someone who loves pop culture and music. 

The speakers are available in South Africa on Takealot and OneDayOnly. 

Leila Stein

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