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Best wireless home security cameras 2020

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras
(Image credit: Pixabay)

Protecting your home and family is, for most people, one of the most important goals in life. If this resonates with you, then you’re likely to consider home security improvements a worthwhile investment. Fortunately, there has never been a more impressive range of home security cameras available. Even better, most cameras now integrate seamlessly with smart home hubs, making it the perfect time to improve the way you run your home. 

In this buying guide, we explore the best wireless home security cameras. No matter whether you’re looking for 4K resolution, infrared imaging, or smart home integrations, we’ll help you find a camera that’s right for you. Although we think all the cameras in this guide are great, a few stand out due to innovative features and superior performance.

If you are looking for not just a camera but an all-in-one security solution, read our related guide to the best home security systems.

Best wireless home security cameras

(Image credit: ArloPro3)

1. Arlo Pro 3

A dark-horse for the title of best wireless home security camera

Resolution: 2K | Infrared: no, but color night vision included | Waterproofing: yes | Security: encrypted storage, but no details

six-month battery life
built-in spotlight
three-month Arlo Smart trial included
no 4K resolution

The Arlo Pro 3 is one of the best wireless home security cameras we’ve reviewed. It offers an extensive range of premium features and is fully wireless with a six-month battery life. 2K resolution provides crisp and colorful videos both day and night, while two-way audio makes it easy to communicate with friends and strangers at your door. It costs $199.

One innovative feature of the Arlo Pro 3 is the built-in spotlight. It can be controlled manually or activated by motion and adds an additional layer of security to your home. A spotlight is likely to deter potential intruders, particularly at night. 

The camera is also fully compatible with most smart home systems, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s HomeKit. The Arlo Pro also integrates with the Apple Watch. All of the cameras included in this buying guide tout their smart home credentials, but we think the Arlo Pro 3 performs most strongly in this area.

Arlo’s cloud sync service, Arlo Smart, provides 30 days of online video storage and costs $2.99 per month for one camera, or $9.99 per month for up to five cameras. If you want 24/7 recording, this can be purchased as well. Fourteen days costs $9.99 per month, and 30 days costs $19.99.

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

(Image credit: Ring Video)

2. Ring Video Doorbell

A budget video doorbell that won’t disappoint

Resolution: 1080p | Infrared: Yes | Waterproofing: Not disclosed but presumably | Security: AES and TLS

30-day free trial of Ring Protect
adjustable motion zones 
155-degree field of view

Unlike some of the other products mentioned in this buying guide, the Ring Video Doorbell is specifically designed to protect the entrance to your home. It features a 1080p resolution camera and easy-access event history, enabling you to see the most important moments of the day quickly. It costs $99.

Two-way communication makes it easy to speak with people at your door, while adjustable motion zones mean your event history won’t be overwhelmed with videos of people walking along the street. We also appreciate features such as night vision and Amazon Alexa integration. 

Ring’s cloud syncing subscription, Ring Protect, starts at $3 per month, which provides you with 60 days of video clips, or 30 if you live in Europe. For $10 per month (or $100 annually), you gain access to 24/7 monitoring, although videos are still only stored for 60 days.

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

(Image credit: LogiTech)

3. Logitech Circle View

A versatile and powerful camera at an affordable price

Resolution: 1080p | Infrared: Yes | Waterproofing: IP64 | Security: End-to-end encryption with Apple HomeKit

180-degree field of view
Smart home integrations limited to Apple HomeKit
1080p resolution

The Logitech Circle View is an impressive security camera with a 180-degree field of view, built-in infrared imaging, and free encrypted cloud storage with Apple HomeKit. We think it’s one of the best wireless home security cameras available. At $159.99, it’s also more affordable than other premium cameras on our list.

The camera is suited for indoor or outdoor use and can be mounted on a wall or window, or simply placed on a bench or other surface. Unfortunately, there are no wireless options available.

One area in which the Logitech Circle View excels is cloud storage or recordings. Customers can access up to 10 days of event-based recordings, free of charge, on the Apple Home app. Video storage doesn’t even count towards your total iCloud storage allowance.

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

(Image credit: Nest Cam IQ)

4. Nest Cam IQ

Expensive, but a best-in-class product

Resolution: 4K | Infrared: Yes | Waterproofing: IP66 | Security: AES 128-bit encryption

4K video recording
two-way communication included

The Nest Cam IQ camera, supported by Google, is one of the best wireless home security cameras money can buy. It is packed with features including multi-axis 360-degree rotation, daytime HDR imaging, automatic subject tracking, WiFi connectivity, and HD talk and listen capabilities. It is the only camera in this buying guide boasting 4K video resolution. However, it is the most expensive camera on our list, coming in at $399. 

Installing the Nest Cam IQ is easy. The camera can be plugged into either an internal power outlet via a hole in a wall, or an external power outlet using the weatherproof power adapter (sold separately). 

Users control the camera via the Nest App, which is intuitive to use and is feature rich. However, accessing captured video and images requires an additional paid subscription to Nest Aware. Although all users get free access to screenshots of the previous three hours, you will need to subscribe if you want any more than this. For $6 per month, Google Nest will automatically sync the previous 30 days of video clips to the cloud. For $12 per month, the system will upload the previous 60 days of video clips and 10 days of 24/7 footage.

Best Wireless Home Security Cameras

(Image credit: Netatmo)

5. Netatmo Welcome

Local data storage is this camera’s greatest strength

Resolution: 1080p | Infrared: Yes | Waterproofing: No | Security : Less relevant due to local storage

local data storage
inside only
130-degree field of view

The Netatmo Welcome camera is an indoor camera that integrates seamlessly with other smart home systems. While the features closely resemble those of its competitors, the Netatmo Welcome loses some points for an inferior field of vision (130 degrees) and a lack of waterproofing capabilities. 

However, if you’re looking for an innocuous and affordable indoor camera to protect your home, you could do worse than the Netatmo Welcome. This camera costs $199.99.

One area in which it excels is its support for local video storage and Dropbox video storage. This means users can store captured videos on an SD card inserted into the camera or have data transferred to their personal Dropbox account. There is, therefore, no need for a costly additional subscription to a cloud-syncing service.  

The Netatmo Welcome is also a strong performer in the smart home category. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. So no matter which smart home ecosystem you use, the Netatmo Welcome will fit right in.