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Back to school season is starting: A round-up of our best tech for kids

Fire 8 Kids Edition Tablet
(Image credit: Amazon)

It's almost back to school time in South Africa and kids these days don't just get textbooks like we did back in the day. Many schools require students to have personal laptops, tablets or Chromebooks. 

If you're feeling a bit stuck, we've compiled our round-up of articles filled with all the expert advice on the best devices to get for your children. 

Since you're having to spend a small fortune for all these products, it's also probably a good idea to understand how to teach you child about how to stay safe online and how to secure the devices yourself. 

Best laptops for kids 2021

When it comes to the best laptops for kids, don’t just go for the cheapest option you can find. It does make sense to not buy the kids anything too premium in case they break or lose it but  there is more to picking a laptop for kids than the cheap price.

Best laptops for kids 2021: the top laptops for kids in elementary school and beyond

Best tablet for kids 2021

Seeking out the best kids tablet isn't a matter of buying the best tablet available. A dedicated kids tablet from Amazon or Samsung is generally a far better option for the little ones than a fully-fledged iPad Pro as tempting as it may seem.

Best tablet for kids 2021: the top picks for children

Best phones for kids 2021

While an adult smartphone might involve finding the phone with the best features, the best phones for children tend to involve more restrictive elements. Ultimately, the best phone for kids tends to involve the basic components without you having to worry about your kids getting into trouble. 

Best phones for kids 2021: the top 10 phones designed for children

Best student Chromebooks 2020

There’s a reason why Google-designed Chromebooks have taken the US education sector by storm. And now, it seems Google has its sights set on expanding its education empire around the world.

Best student Chromebooks 2020: top picks for back to school season

Best cameras for kids 2021

Searching for the best cameras for kids? You've come to the right place. There are scores of options out there for all age groups, so we’ve done all the legwork for you with the help of our trusty seven-year-old assistant. 

Best cameras for kids 2021: the 11 best cameras for children and teens

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