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Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE and new iPad are on sale now - here's where to buy

Apple Event 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's brand new gadgets are ready to buy now, and if you've already pre-ordered you'll be getting your new wristwear or tablet in the near future.

The Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE and new iPad are all on sale now after being unveiled on Tuesday, September 15. The iPad Air 4 isn't set to be released until October.

You can buy either of those smartwatches or the new cheap tablet directly from Apple, and we're expecting to see a variety of other retailers introduce deals on these gadgets throughout the day too.

Below, you'll find the links to the Apple website so you can buy the new devices directly from the company:

The new Apple Watch 6 has a similar design to existing smartwatches, but comes with a new blood oxygen monitor and a variety of other tweaks. It's also available in new colors such as a bright red, to help personalize your wristwear a little more.

The Apple Watch SE is a new addition to the wearable family that takes the form of a cheaper smartwatch with similar internals to existing devices for a lower price.

Then there's the new iPad, which is the company's cheapest tablet device but comes with a variety of upgrades that make it the fastest affordable slate from the company yet.

Expect more gadgets to come from Apple by the end of the year, including the iPhone 12 which is now rumored to be landing at some stage during October.

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