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Afrihost is offering free internet upgrades to users

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(Image credit: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock)

Afrihost users are in for a treat as the service provider is offering speed upgrades on its network. 

Clients who use Openserve will get bumped up to higher speeds while remaining at the same price they were paying from March 1. 

Since we're mostly still working from home, this is a big win for those struggling with slower, but more affordable, internet. Better connections will mean smoother calls, faster download speeds and even better streaming for when you're not working. 

This is all part of Openserves changes on its lines, specifically phasing out slower ones. Other service providers are expected to also make this shift as Openserve contacted more than just Afrihost about these changes. 

What the line upgrades look like

  • 10Mbps services will be upgraded to 25Mbps 
  • 20Mbps services will be upgraded to 50Mbps 
  • 50Mbps services will be upgraded to 100Mbps 
  • 100Mbps services will be upgraded to 200Mbps 
  • 200Mbps services remain at the same speed but at the reduced 100Mbps price

Now that you've got some more speed, why not check out what to watch next on your favourite streaming service?

Leila Stein

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