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ABSA customers warned of data breach at bank

(Image credit: ABSA)

Absa has warned some customers that they may be at risk following a data leak. The incident led to the exposure of personal information.

The bank has confirmed that an employee unlawfully made these details available to third parties. 

The bank told these customers that identity numbers, contact details, physical addresses and account numbers were exposed.

The bank assured the customers that they are doing what they can to mitigate the risk and will be monitoring accounts for suspicious transactions.

They warned that customers should be careful with phone calls however, as scammers with their details might pretend to be the bank. 

"We will never ask you to share your ‘keys to the safe’ (including your online banking PIN or password or your card CVV, PIN or one-time password) with us or to approve activities to prevent fraud," said the bank.

Criminal charges have been laid against the employee responsible for the leak. 

Tips to keep money safe

Even if you are not the victim of a data leak, which is beyond your control, scammers are attempting new ways to access your bank account. Here are some tips to keep your money safe. 

  • Never give anyone details, such as PIN, ID number, passwords, over the phone or email if they contact you.
  • Have a strong password for your banking app that is different to other passwords
  • If you phone is stolen, immediately wipe or lock it remotely to try ensure the thieves can't access your app. 
  • Be carefully when inputting details into concerning websites, trust your gut if the deals or offers seem too good to be true. 
  • If in doubt about a message from your bank, contact them independently to confirm
  • If you see an incorrect transaction on your account, contact your bank immediately. 
Leila Stein

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