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SA's best mobile payment solutions and how to install them

Mobile payment solutions make paying for goods effortless

Mobile payment solutions
Mobile payment solutions
(Image: © SnapScan)

With mobile payment solutions rising in popularity, paying with a credit card or cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Some countries like China and Korea have been actively using mobile payment solutions for years, proving it is a more convenient and reliable.

South Africa's most popular mobile payment options make use of a QR Code.

Africa has experienced an increase in QR Code or "Quick Response" payment usage in recent years. Essentially QR Codes are two dimensional codes in the form of a patterned black square that mobile phones read via their cameras.

QR Codes originated in Japan in the 1990s when a company named Denso Wave invented the technology for use in the automotive industry.

South Africa is fast picking up on the trend but as with any "new" technology, getting over the speed hump of installation and use is always a challenge. 

So, if you're looking to try out mobile payment solutions but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered with some South African options that are both user-friendly and easy to get started with.

1. SnapScan


(Image credit: SnapScan)

SnapScan is a handy app that allows users to quickly, easily and safely pay for goods via their mobile devices.

The app makes use of the phone's camera to scan a "SnapCode" or unique QR code which is available at most stores in South Africa. The app is free to use and works with all banks in South Africa, as well as most international credit cards.

The nifty app removes the need for cash, cards or EFT payments and a unique code similar to your banking card code is used to ensure safety.

Steps to Install:

1. Simply download the app via Google Play or App Store.

2. Once downloaded, open the app.

3. Sign up via the simple prompt process, this will require a South African SIM card as well as your banking and credit card details.

4. Create a pin. For added security, users can also use fingerprint or facial recognition ID.

5. Get snapping, simply scan the QR Code at any establishment, put in the amount you owe and enter your pin to pay.

2. Zapper


(Image credit: Zapper)

Zapper is a global mobile payment and loyalty rewards app that allows users to make fast, easy and secure payments in seconds using their smartphones.

The application also uses QR code technology and allows for seamless all-in-one mobile payments. 

Loyalty services, vouchers and various payment methods are available via the app.

Zapper has been downloaded more than one-million times and has even broken into UK and US markets.

Steps to Install:

1. Download the Zapper app via Google Play or App Store.

2. Once downloaded open the app.

3. Follow the registration process and fill in your details.

4. Verify your mobile device by following the prompts to ensure security. A code will be sent to your device to input into the app.

5. Fill in your card details.

6. Lastly, enter your referral code and get Zapping. Scan the QR Code at the establishment you wish to buy from, enter your specific amount owed and enter your pin to pay. It's as easy as that.