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How to use VPN to get access to Disney+ in South Africa

Getting around these pesky restrictions requires a VPN

Disney Plus
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South Africans have really been left out in the cold since Disney launched its own streaming platform, Disney+.

Before the production giant collected up all their intellectual property and hoarded it once again in it its own "vault", South Africans could still get a few of the Disney classics on other streaming sites available in the country.

Now, even Netflix can't show a fantastic throwback like the Lion King, and South Africans are left with nothing unless they decide to pirate it. 

However, VPNs can also come to the rescue if you really feel the urge to watch a Disney Channel great without having to become a criminal for it. 

VPNs trick the site into thinking you are in a country where the service is supported, in this case it should probably look like you're coming from the US.

VPN website Wiz Case has explained exactly how to use VPNs, AppleID and Google accounts to  beat the system.

Choose a VPN 

The list of VPNs are endless and some work better than others. Find out best recommendations for 2021 when it comes to these networks: 

If you're using Google...

  • After you've downloaded a VPN and connected to a US server, buy a Google Play US gift card and send to yourself
  • Create a new Google Play account 
  • With the new account, open Play Store and redeem the gift card 
  • Download the Disney+app using the gift card as the payment method 

If you're using Apple...

  • Sign-out of your Apple account 
  • Sign in to the VPN and connect to a US server
  • Make a US Apple ID, leave the payment part blank
  • Buy an App Store gift card 
  • In your new account go to "redeem gift card" and enter your purchased gift card
  • Login to the App Store with your new account and launch Disney+ to start the free trial
  • After the trial ends, the App Store will use the gift card credit to pay for the service
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