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How to register online for the COVID-19 vaccine in South Africa

The COVID-19 vaccine is here

Covid-19 Vaccine
(Image: © solarseven / Shutterstock)

The electronic vaccination data system (EVDS) is up and running. South Africans who qualify to sign up for the vaccine can officially do so. 

South Africa received its first shipment of vaccines on Monday, February 1. 

The EVDS will hopefully allow for seamless management and surveillance of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. It will help track and manage the following: 

Healthcare workers will be vaccinated first. This means only medical healthcare workers will be able to register. The portal requires employment details, medical aid and other information before being able to continue the registration process.

Qualifying persons will be notified via SMA of the time and location that the vaccine will be available. A unique code will be given to the person, which needs to be presented to the correct personnel on the day of vaccination. 

ID and a contact number must be provided at the vaccination site.

Plans are in motion to send follow-up reminders for the administration of the second dose. Those who do not go for their second shot will be included on an integrated track-and-trace system for defaulters.

A dashboard is being developed to house data pertaining to why people refuse to get the vaccine.

Those who do get vaccinated will receive a vaccination card and will be placed on a national register, the Department of Health said. The certificate will be electronic and will be available on the EVDS platform once the vaccine has been administered.

The portal can be found here.

What the portal looks like


(Image credit: SA EVDS)