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How to Netflix together, while far apart

Ways to get your Netflix on together, despite the distance

(Image: © Pexels)

Your usual Netflix binge get-togethers may be affected by lockdown and travel restrictions, but that doesn't mean you should stop them altogether. 

Keep your watch parties alive during lockdown by using these reliable options to watch together, no matter how far apart you may be.

While both services have pros and cons, they are the best options available to watch your favourite movies and shows with your favourite people, despite being kilometers apart.

1. Netflix Party Extension

Google Chrome has a handy exclusive extension called "Netflix Party". Only one person needs to install the extension for it to work.

All you need to do is install, choose a movie or show, pause it and click the NP button at the top right hand corner of your browser to share the link for your watch session.

A chat option is available in the viewing session but a unique name is not, so you'll need to remember the random symbols unique to your friend session created by the extension if you want to chat.

A cool feature of the service is that all members of the watch party are able to hit pause at any time and full-screen viewing is enabled.

One downside is the need to create a new session every time you want to watch with friends, this includes from episode-to-episode when watching a series.

2. Get Rabbit

Lauded as one of the easiest and most convenient stream-sharing services out there, Rabbit is a reliable option to use.

The service can be used across all browsers and is not specific to the Netflix streaming service alone.

To utilise Rabbit, you will need an account and you'll have to add those sharing your stream. One person is in control of the stream via a proxy browser based on the Rabbit website. 

The only negative aspect is the streaming quality can often be affected and full-screen mode is not an option. These issues can be particularly frustrating for those watching on smaller devices.

An upside of the service is the user-friendly chat options which allows individual usernames and profile pictures. Voice chat and video chat are also available.