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How to delete your WhatsApp account

If you're looking to get out, here's how to do it

(Image: © Shutterstock / Alex Ruhl)

Many people are considering hopping off the WhatsApp bus and looking for greener pastures when it comes to messaging services. 

If you've already decided you no longer want to bow down to Mark Zuckerberg and his behemoth Facebook empire but are a little unsure how to go about it, we'll simply explain how to delete your WhatsApp. 

What deleting your account does

Deleting your account from WhatsApp will delete the app from your phone, erase your message history, delete you from all WhatsApp groups and delete your Google Drive back-up. 

This is quite intense and has been set up as a way to discourage users who may want to have their conversations saved. 

WhatsApp also explains that it can take 9-days for the deletion process to go through. This means for those three months WhatsApp still has access to your information in backup storage. They also stipulate that copies of log records may remain in their database but are disassociated from personal identifiers.

How to do it

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap More options > Settings > Account > Delete my account.
  • Enter your phone number in full international format and tap DELETE MY ACCOUNT.
  • Select a reason for why you're deleting your account in the dropdown.
Leila Stein

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